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Jericho Mountain Beef

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Located on rolling green hills in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Jericho Mountain Beef is a new kind of micro cattle ranch producing high-quality authentic American Wagyu and Angus Beef.

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When Jericho Mountain Farms beef leaves our land, it is on your plate as rich, marbled, and deliciously tender meat.

A Focus on Superior Genetics
Our herd is like a family. We know everything about everyone. Our strategic breeding and focus on high quality genetics is what makes our herd so special.
Sustainable - The Circle of Beef and Beer
Our feed regimen includes locally sourced grains as well as breweries grains from our local micro breweries.
Family Owned
From our family to yours, let us be a part of your next dinner, celebration or BBQ.
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Petite Tender (Teres Major). A lovely little muscle, cut from the chuck, treat it like filet because it is just as tender and deserves it.
Jericho Skirt Steak Tacos. Marinade in pineapple juice, soy, garlic, cumin. Charcoal grilled rare. Sliced against the grain. 

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